Coping with Christmas When You Are Bereaved

Christmas when you're bereaved

Coping with Christmas when you are bereaved

Christmas is a difficult time of year for those who are recently bereaved. Even people bereaved a number of years Christmas and the New Year can be a very sad time of year with memories of those who are missing.

The Irish Hospice Foundation made this video, “Coping with Christmas when you are bereaved”, several years ago and it is still relevant today.

Dr. Susan Delaney gives some practical tips on getting through the holiday season while also explaining in plain English what a bereaved person may be going through. 


Dr Susan Delaney, Bereavement Services Manager for the Irish Hospice Foundation offers advice to bereaved people on how best to cope during the holiday season. Produced by the Irish Hospice Foundation. Part of the bereavement support series
Produced by; Irish Hospice Foundation


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