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Elizabeth Turner – The Blue Skies of Autumn

Elizabeth Turner – The Blue Skies of Autumn

Elizabeth Turner – The Blue Skies of Autumn

September 11th 2001. For Elizabeth Turner its more than a tragic event on the other side of the world, it’s the day her life changed forever. Her husband Simon and father to their then unborn son William was in the World Trade Centre and sadly lost his life when the towers collapsed.

In her first book about that terrible day, Elizabeth recounts the initial moments, hours and days as she finally understands her husband will not be coming home and will never see his unborn son. Elizabeth brings us on her journey as she grieves her husband, became a mother and eventually learns to live life again.

It’s a very honest account of her journey that will resonate with other widows and widowers as they read. Elizabeth speaks of the tremendous feeling of loss and is very forthcoming about her questions of the afterlife, the replies she received from speaking with friends and from within her own self. Questions I know, many of us have asked and its somehow reassuring to read we are not alone in our questioning.

Widowhood and Parenthood

She speaks candidly of rearing a child as a single parent and recounts conversations with her young son about his father. Her sharing of these conversations is invaluable and may prepare us with young children for future questions that they will also have.

Elizabeth holds a very healthy perspective on life and tells us how she eventually found peace within herself. Elizabeth Turner is an inspirational woman with many years of wisdom to share, her style of writing is engaging and very comfortable, its like listening to a wise friend. ‘The Blue Skies of Autumn’ is a ray hope to those of us who wish to find a little peace in our lives again. It’s well worth reading.



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