Marcia Cross of Desperate Housewives Coping with Grief


Marcia Cross Coping with Grief

In 1993 Marcia Cross, of Desperate Housewives fame, was 31 and in a five year relationship with actor Richard Jordan. When he died suddenly from a brain tumour she found grief “hit me hard, threw me for a loop (and) life passed me by”.

Interviewed by talk show host Kristy Spraggon, Marcia Cross gives an honest account of how she initially struggled but eventually managed to build a positive life out of tragedy, “It took me close to a decade to get through the, loss”.

Marcia Cross Coping with Grief Richard Jordan
Richard Jordan

When asked what eventually helped, Marcia says, “Taking small actions, small actions to stay involved in life (and) one thing leads to another. Being open to other possibilities, keep digging deep and friends.

“Taking small actions, small actions to stay involved in life”

Cross returned to education in 1997, four years after Jordan’s death, to earn her master’s degree in psychology.

Marcia described how the thinking of, “nothing bad happens to you” was lost and how that has carried through to the present.

Armed with what she now knows about grief what could have fast-tracked her through the grieving process, she answered, “Many things, realising what the grieving process is about. But you don’t know when you’re in it, you’re just so deep in it. Especially if you’re young, I was 31, and it was a big loss to try and understand… (grief) is really difficult. None of us are ever equipped to deal with death, at any age

In 2006 she married stockbroker Tom Mahoney and they went on to have twins. In 2009 her husband was diagnosed with cancer but he is now in remission.

That’s the gift, we see the world differently

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