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Things People Say to Widows

Things People Say

We’ve all been there, good meaning people who say stupid things. An American group, widowedvillage.org gathered together a number of the more frequently used comments widows and widowers tend to have said to them.

Despite the seriousness of the topic the video is actually very comical. Chances are we have all said stupid things to widows and widowers at some stage in our lives. More often than not the stupid and sometimes hurtful comments come about from a lack of understanding and not necessarily a lack of compassion.

Here’s a few of those comments, recognise any?

God works in mysterious ways

God only gives us what he knows we can handle

God must of needed him more than you did

If only he had been religious then I wouldn’t be worried about his soul

I SO understand, my cat was put down a number of weeks ago

OMG!! I know exactly how you feel, my best-friends dog just died and I’m heartbroken

You’re so strong, if it was me I would just fall apart

The first year is the hardest, then you’ll be fine

Thank God your child is so young and will have no memory of their Dad / Mother

Take those pictures down, stop living in a museum and get yourself a man!

Your so young you’ll find another guy real easily

Wow, you’re dating already?

You haven’t dated yet?

If you had divorced him you would have only got half the house

*Sigh* Wish my ex-husband would die

Watch the video to hear the rest! Don’t forget to comment and share your thoughts, thanks.






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